Understand the new trend transforming US wind

America's Wind Buyout Boom


The American wind market is undergoing rapid transformation. Here's everything you need to know to understand these changes.

Through reading this report, you will:



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Gain insights from our team of analysts

Our editor, Richard Heap, explains how consolidation of developers is restructuring the US market. As increasingly large M&A deals dominate the market, we've explored whether this is the end of privately-owned developers.

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Learn from the industry's central figures

We've interviewed Ray Wood of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, to hear his views on squeezed margins for developers and the phase-out of the PTC. He also explains what these new uncertainties mean for investors.

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Find comprehensive information on the biggest deals

As a case study of the trend towards consolidation, we've analysed Ørsted's buyout of Lincoln Clean Energy. Plus, you'll find data from the biggest M&A deals of 2017-2018.